smart industry


Smart Industry is the concept of putting all the fragmented manufacturing processes communicating with each other, opening up possibilities for new products, less costly customizations and a whole new panoply of process improvement and new services.

Integrate technicians, sensors, motors, actuators, robots, automation systems and all other equipment and systems, allowing for a computerized and traceable industrial process, even for products in different manufacturing stages and sites.

Check below the available modules for Fulgur IT - Smart Industry solution:

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power control panel

Real-time analysis of energy consumption history of various equipment and processes.

metering and exporting

Gather information from your smart meters. Automatic readings, consumption profile and specific alerts.


View your installation plans in multiple layers with an interactive map of the installation.

weighing and shipping lines

Manage autonomous or semi-autonomous packing, weighing and transport lines.

process automation

Connect all PLCs in a single process, minimizing human interaction wherever desirable.

lighting control

Turn on the switch when needed, efficiently! Monitor and control lighting in floors and spaces.


Installation and programming of conveyor belts, AGVs and other multipurpose robots.