smart farm


Smart Farm is the concept of integrating all equipment, sensors, vehicles and even workers into a single platform to relieve and assist farm management, making it efficient in its consumptions, and autonomous where it is feasible and desirable. 

  • In irrigation: Do you want to irrigate automatically without wasting water or fertilizer? With soil moisture sensors irrigation can be automatic to keep the soil parameters in desirable levels.
    What about the amount of fertilizer to use? If the weather is cloudy or the temperatures are too high or too low, the fertilizer becomes useless or with less yield. Why water the whole production? With radiation, light and temperature sensors you can fertilize only when the plants are working and in the exact amount they need.
  • In schedule control: Do you want to control the schedules of the various systems of your farm? Program sirens for staff entrance, exit and break times. Control filling of reservoirs, ponds and water tanks according to contracted energy tariffs or the availability of water. 
  • In diseases and pest control: The combination of some environmental factors and crop types can increase the risk of certain diseases and pests appear. Get timely warnings so you can reverse the propitious conditions.

Check below the available modules for the Fulgur IT - Smart Farm solution:

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field sensors

Collect field data and integrate it for the optimization of irrigation and fertigation programs.

water management

Set up a schedule for cost reduction in pumping and water treatment operations.

culture management

How's your culture growing? Administer  everything that concerns your cultures in a single module.


Do you have a tractor? Now you can manage tools, vehicles and other farm accessories.

fertilization tanks

Do not let your fertilizer run out. With level alarms and purchasing automation, you will never see the bottom of the tank again.


Fertirrigation at the highest level of technology. Schedule watering and fertilization for any combination of plots.

harvest management

Create teams, appoint leaders, set instructions and check in real time the productivity of each team and each worker.

harvest management app

Android application for team work management and data collection of the work field.

pivots control

Monitor the behavior of your pivot and configure it dynamically.

environmental control

Control of greenhouses and storage areas according to sensors, calendars and user settings.

pests and diseases

Pay attention to the appearance of diseases and pests. Monitor occurrences and applied treatments.

weighing and shipping lines

Manage autonomous or semi-autonomous packaging, labeling, weighing and transport lines.

weather conditions

Monitor your sensors and weather stations. Set alarms for adverse conditions.