Development of different solutions such as assembling, filling and packing lines, chilling and freezing tunnels and test rigs.

  • SCADAs Visu + Vijeo Citect WinCC

Industrial SCADA are the modern visualization and control technology for specific applications where project criticality and operating costs are critical. Fulgur IT has already installed several SCADAs in electromechanical and hydraulic installations, either with several partners or as a single solution integrator. With a strong background as installers of VISU+® and in the most dominant SCADAs in the market such as Vijeo Citect ® and WinCC ®, we can take on any project and develop it to maximize satisfaction and reduce our clients' operation and maintenance costs.

  • PLC's: Allen Bradley, Siemens, Schneider, Beckhoff, Unitronics

Programmable Controllers (PLCs) eliminate the need to substitute hardware when you want to modify certain facility behaviors and allow you to control facilities and equipment safely and reliably with and without human intervention. They serve to monitor switches, buttons and sensors of various types such as: Photoelectric sensors; Proximity sensors; Pressure switches; Level detectors; Temperature probes and Humidity probes.
They also serve to command: Valves; Engines; Actuators; Control Relays; Alarms; Lamps; Counters and Pumps.

In all these aspects Fulgur IT has accumulated, from the beginning of its activity, a great experience in installing and programming automata. Lately, with the evolution of technology and market requirements, our services have been exponentially more required, especially for consulting in the programming of complex automation systems.

  • HMI's: Beijer, Siemens, Schneider, Unitronics

Human Machine Interface (HMI) is used in a growing variety of applications to allow quick and visual access to the machine or installation, and is increasingly complex in their programming and functionalities.

Cars, photocopiers and supermarkets are some of the examples where they are now widely used. A growing  number of facilities purchase these equipment for on-site monitoring and control. The ability to program a console interactively, intuitively, with clean, pleasant and useful graphics is our focus.

  • Industrial Instrumentation

Industrial instrumentation has more and more interactivity, calibrations, parameterizations and schedules. Fulgur IT can help you choose the equipment best suited for your needs. We are experienced and qualified to install, parameterize, calibrate and integrate instruments in your facilities and functionalities. With a vast network of technology partners and suppliers we provide, diagnose or install equipment in the folllowing sectors: Electric energy distribution; Distribution and treatment of water; Gas distribution; Food industry; HVAC; Swimming Pools and Thermal Management.

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