HPLUS® fertigation plants are the result of Fulgur IT developments in sensory hydraulics and automation.

Designed for easy and intuitive use over the internet on any browser device or using the 10.4 "touch console programmed for rewarding and fast use, they are unrivaled in their easy and intuitive parameterization and programming features.

The switchboards were developed with the purpose of faithfully serving the customer at competitive costs with interface features and new features by integrating with our FulgurIT® platform.

We have three distinct models, each suited to different usage typologies and crop needs:

  • HPLUS Venturi Switch - The most competitive solution we provide based on venturi injection.
  • HPLUS Magnetic Switch - The competitive all-flow solution incorporates injection technology using magnetic pumps.
  • HPLUS Precision Center - The most accurate dosing solution on the market. Be sure to inject the planned and monitor the injection.

Contact us to find the best solution for you, be it simple or elaborate.